A Culture of Mutual Respect

"I really like the equality and individuality in the school - it's like one big happy family!"
Sushila, Student

'The Academy students were open and honest and there was a feeling of well-being.'
Peter Bower, Online Safety Consultant.
We instil a culture of mutual respect from day one. We want kind, strong, and confident individuals who can focus fully on their learning and achievement.

  • The Academy operates an ongoing programme which empowers everyone to handle negative behaviour.
  • Everyone has access to the training - students, staff, governors, parents and the wider community.
  • This programme is ongoing and the techniques are employed daily and consistently.
  • Coaching groups and House teams contain mixed age groups, building supportive relationships between older and younger students.
  • There is a strong emphasis across the whole curriculum on demonstrating respect for others socially and culturally.

"When you harness each individual’s personal capacity to become responsible for all of their words and actions, you enable them to become a successful, healthy and active member of their community". - The Scary Guy

The Scary Guy (pictured below) brings his training programme to the whole school community. This is entertainment with impact. It introduces practical and meaningful strategies that everyone can use in daily life.