A Partnership with Parents

"Route 39 Academy works with me closely as a parent and always tries to do the best by my son. I couldn't ask for more." Mrs Job, Parent
Education is a conversation. Research shows that ultimately it is parent input which has the most significant impact on student performance. We have a strong commitment to realise the enormous potential of this triangle.
  • Before they join, every student and their parents are invited to a personal meeting to talk about themselves - their hopes, concerns and aspirations.
  • The student's personal coach provides a primary contact for parents. Parents are encouraged to get in touch.
  • There are regular learning events and workshops to help parents understand what and how the students are learning and how they can play a role.
  • Parent meetings take place twice a year. They are carried out face-to-face or by telephone for convenience.
  • The Academy carries out a twice yearly parent survey to collect feedback about the development of the school.
  • An active parent group - FOR39 - organises fundraising and events, but is also an additional contact point for other parents and provides feedback to the Governing Body.


We are delighted that such an active and enthusiastic group of parents has now formed. New joiners are extremely welcome. Please contact  friendsofroute39@gmail.com