Diversity Day

The final week of term often offers some unusual and new experiences for the students and this year was no different as we celebrated Diversity Day with a range of workshops and talks. Representatives of some of the UK's major faith groups; The Baha'i faith, Christianity, Islam and Humanism came to talk about their faith or philosophy and their day to day lives as members of their groups.
Students got to ask all sorts of questions and even try on traditional dress as part of a process of demystifying and understanding what they were unfamiliar with.
The workshops were hugely popular with everyone and the visitors were also impressed with Route 39.  Roger Smith who came to talk about the Bahai faith commented that; 

"Throughout the session the students were attentive and asked many questions which were both relevant and challenging highlighting the need for faith when answers cannot immediately be found."

Similarly Syed Jusef who took the workshop on Islam said;

"I found the teachers are really good and friendly and students are really well-behaved, very polite and have good manners and I wish them a good future and all the best."

He also commented that; "Students really took interest in it and they kept questioning me about different things and I believe they learned lots of new things in their life, that is really good for them to know about different culture and diverse community." 

This is a sentiment we agree with wholeheartedly. While our area of the country is not very ethnically or religiously diverse the world that our students will graduate into will be, which makes it so important that they are familiar with and confident with people of different faiths and cultures that they will encounter along their chosen paths.