Football Success

Many children dream of a career as a professional footballer and very few make it, but the goal has come one step closer for three students at Route 39 Academy. Tyler Cooper (Bideford), Nicholas Ead (Bude) and Christopher Wildern (Torrington) have worked and played their way through the long selection process to achieve the remarkable success of full squad places with Southampton Football Club’s under 15 team Saints Southwest.
Proud mum Sonja Cooper described the agonising process in an email to Route 39’s PE teacher Mr Boardman:

“Driving up to Taunton and watching the boys trial in the pouring rain for two hours, watching the Scout pull Tyler to one side, chatting to him but not being able to hear what he's saying, not getting back home until gone 10, just to be told the next day we need to do it all over again in Torquay - even further to travel, and a real juggling act with the other parents, but we managed it!

Then for them to be invited to train for a month with the Saints in July one day, then to receive an email the next to say that they were discontinuing the U15's was absolutely gutting. I was dreading telling Ty as he'd put his all into these trials.... but then ecstatic the next day to receive a phone call from the Coach to say that they'd had so much of a response from players and parents that they were keeping it going and not only that, but they'd had a re-shuffle and were offering Tyler AND his school friends Chris & Nick full Squad places was unbelievable!! I was so excited I had to message Tyler straight away to tell him the news (I know he was at school - sorry...). I was, and still am so proud I could cry.  We are so proud of our Tyler - playing sports is all he's wanted to do since he was 2, and this is another great step in the right direction towards his career.”

Dawn Pearse, mum of Nicholas also says, “I'm just so incredibly proud of all of them. Getting up early to travel to games and putting their all into both training and the games. I Love watching them all play and the rest of the team.”

The school are very proud of the achievements of the three students and all the hard work they and their parents have put in.  Principal Mr Kelly commented that, “To have 3 students accepted from such a small cohort is incredible and we have to celebrate it!”  We look forward to watching their progress with excitement.