Community, Philosophy and Ethics

Here you can see a mock trial under the guidance of local magistrates.
Community, Philosophy and Ethics focuses on the social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of the students. It dovetails into wider Academy projects, allowing students to understand the 'bigger picture' and explore issues from a range of angles. The following illustrates some of the learning taking place at the Academy.

The Migration Project

Launch: For 6 weeks, the whole Academy studied Migration. The Project was launched on the beach where student teams built sand boats and decided what they would take with them if fleeing to another country.

Spanish: Groups discussed the phrases they would need to start to build a life in Spain. The more experienced students discussed the motivations of a character, crossing the Mexican border into the USA in search of a better life.

English and Humanities: looked at migration reflected in literature and from a geographical perspective. 

CPE: looked specifically at the role of immigration in British society. Students debated the positive and negative perceptions of immigration and the role of the media in influencing these perceptions. Students chose positive immigrant role models and wrote articles about them for a fictional newspaper. 

Law and Order

Another six week project focused on the processes of the British Justice system. Two local Magistrates spent time at the Academy overseeing the role-playing of a 'mock trial'.

Meanwhile, another group of students developed their own comic strip based on David Walliam's 'Gangster Granny' character. In this fun and accessible way they were able to explore and understand the stages of the legal system.

Houses of Parliament Trip

In September, the Academy secured funding for a trip to the Palaces of Westminster. Students enjoyed a guided tour of both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Healthy Lifestyles

Launch: A whole Academy project in the Spring term focuses on healthy living from a variety of angles. The project was launched with a visit from Academy Fellow and and Global Health scientist, Dr Alan Dangour (right). He led workshops on the ebola crisis and then on global nutrition and the impact of climate change.

STEM and Physical: Sessions investigate the human body, the roles of exercise, diet and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

CPE and Spanish: CPE focuses on mental, physical and sexual health. In both CPE and Spanish lessons, students develop the understanding and vocabulary to debate current social issues such as obesity, drugs and teenage pregnancy.

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