A Longer School Day

"It doesn't feel like a long day. I love doing homework in school. I used to spend so much time worring about it before." Libby, Student
The school day runs from 8.30am-5pm. This brings a huge range of exciting learning opportunities to all students, regardless of background or where they live.
  • There are a number of 'Independent Study' sessions throughout the week instead of homework. Students prepare work in a teacher-supported environment.
  • There are daily literacy classes, solely focused on improving the individual literacy needs of the students.
  • A full afternoon per week of Create subjects covering music, dance, computing, horticulture, design technology and drama.
  • Four hours of sport per week.
  • A wide range of activities to suit individual interests. Unlike after-school clubs, all students take part. Examples include:

Clay oven building with the National Trust (below), Surfing, Sailing, GCSE Photography, Japanese Language, Chess, Challenge Maths, Computer Coding, Navigation Award skills, Film Club, Challenge Sport, Beach Volleyball, Donkey Husbandry, Journalism, Cookery.