Ignite 2017

"My wife and I were so moved, motivated, proud, in awe, uplifted and surprised at how brilliantly all the children took on the challenge of the Ignite presentations. I hope all the pupils and teachers realise the accomplishment of this. Thank you." 
- Parent


This year students from year 7,8 and 9 have participated in a course of communication skills to further develop their abilities to speak clearly, passionately and build their confidence in a variety of professional communication settings.

Their two main challenges this year have required them to prepare and run a meeting with their parents/guardians to discuss their learning at Route 39, and how they intended to develop and extend themselves in a variety of subjects. Their second challenge required them to prepare an engaging speech to a genuine audience on a topic they are passionate about. A mini TEDTalk style set of evenings provided a great way to celebrate their hard work and as a result I am pleased to announce we have seen great success in the number of students completing their Level 1 IGNITE.

A selection of students chose to be filmed on the night of their presentation and submit their videos to the following competition. Click here to see their presentations. We are proud to have a panel of judges from a variety of industries volunteer to view our students’ efforts and select our top three IGNITE speeches from the school. 

These will be announced after half term break. Stay tuned!

For now, we invite you to view and enjoy these wonderful examples of student bravery, passion and ultimately, the application of a variety of communication techniques.

Dani Briggs
Lead for Oracy

"What an inspiring event. It genuinely brought tears to my eyes to have the privilege of witnessing our students, some of whom struggled to speak aloud or make eye contact when they joined us, giving engaging talks without notes to a room full of people. The facts were fascinating, the jokes funny and well timed and all of this delivered to possibly the most difficult people to deliver to - your own parents! I have good experience of public speaking but did not start to develop this until my early 20’s so the fact that our students are able to successfully do this at age 11 (for some) really makes me proud and justifies our investment in the Oracy program." 
- Mr Kelly, Principal


Our Panel of Judges

Robin Croslegh

Robin is Immediate Past President at the Rotary Club of Bideford. He has significant experience of public speaking and coordinates the Youth Speak programme for the Rotary Club in the area.


Jamie Drummond

Jamie Drummond is co-founder (with Bono) of the advocacy organisation ONE, which has over 3 million members. The central themes of ONE are ending extreme poverty and fighting the AIDS pandemic. Jamie lives in London, works around the world but visits N. Devon regularly. He has also delivered a TED lecture


Milly Ellis

Founder of Be Heard which provides coaching to help clients become truly effective public speakers. For 20 years Milly worked alongside some of Britain’s finest actors including Sir John Gielgud and Helen Mirren. Since 2004 Milly has been working with business leaders and managers in the UK, Europe and the Far East.
Milly continues to work in the worlds of theatre and film, recently with The Young Vic, The Royal Ballet, Akram Khan and Company, and Britain’s leading film production companies.


Rebecca Evans

Rebecca Evans is a journalist and freelance writer most recently writing for both The Mirror and The Daily Mail. Her interests include human rights, international development, crime and politics. Before working for the national press, she wrote for various regional and local newspapers as a general news reporter and social affairs correspondent.


Scary Guy

In the last 19 years on the road, The Scary Guy has worked with schools, police forces, military, and a host of communities and corporate organizations through his live performances and across his active online networks. His sole mission is “The Total Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide.”


Jane Hayes

Jane recently trained for Ordained Ministry with the South West Ministry Training Course. She completed her training and was ordained in Exeter Cathedral on Sept 11 2016. She is Assistant Curate in the Hartland Coast Mission Community. Originally from Essex, where she worked as a Teaching Assistant, Jane moved with husband Bill to Hartland in 2013 to begin training.


Sally Zalewski

Sally worked for many years for WWF France and International. She also held the post of English professor at a private Paris university. In 2015 Sally and her family family moved permanently from Paris to Hartland. She is now the Editor of the local newspaper, The Hartland Post.