Developing Life-Long Learners

"Your students are a sharp and intelligent bunch. I've been to many schools over the years and your lot are REALLY engaged."
Chris Hines, Environmental Activist and Fellow
We ignite students' natural learning powers and spark a love of learning which lasts a lifetime. They develop skills which enable them to excel at their study and exams, and also ensure that they are equipped to succeed in the modern world.

  • All lessons are planned with dual objectives: - to develop knowledge and to develop good learning habits such as collaboration, flexibility and perseverance.
  • Teachers are rarely at the front of the class delivering information. Lessons are very active, involving student research, group discussion and collaboration. 
  • Students are encouraged to get stuck, make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Students learn how to question effectively.
  • Students regularly offer and accept critique, drafting and redrafting to produce best work.
  • Teachers set an example by following the same learning mindset. Collaboration and peer support are the norm.
  • Students undertake projects. Teachers work together to design projects which link their disciplines, making learning engaging and relevant.
  • Students get 'out and about' in the natural surroundings, making learning exciting, memorable and developing their understanding of the world about them.
  • Our partnership with Duchy College, community links, and our Fellowship Programme incorporate business, enterprise, and community responsibility into everyday learning. Students are given aspirational role models.