The Dominic West Master Class

The budding actors and actresses of Route 39 Academy had an amazing start to their week – a drama workshop with Dominic West.

Dominic - Hollywood actor and BAFTA winner - has starred in many films and TV series including Johnny English Reborn, John Carter, 300, The Wire, Burton and Taylor and The Awakening. Last December we followed his progress as he trekked to the South Pole with Prince Harry to raise money for Walking with the Wounded.

The students in the drama group are working towards a summer production, so it was a fantastic opportunity to start limbering up their acting muscles. The students giggled and laughed as they were made to work their whole faces and bodies in a series of games. The afternoon culminated with four mini plays, including “Olympics Javelin Gone Wrong” and “The Final Cowdown”

Miss Smart, our English and Humanities teacher was delighted with the workshop, “We’ve got some keen dramatists at this school,” she said, “and meeting a successful, respected actor, makes their acting ambitions more tangible. He’s been a real inspiration to these students.”

Tips from the Top

“It was great fun,” said Kody, “I now realise that acting isn’t just roles and scripts.” Hattie is a keen actress and has just received a distinction in her Stagecoach exam. “It was amazing to have someone who’s done so much to come here and see us,” she said. Mac, another star of our Christmas performance, asked Dominic's advice about an acting career. “Join drama clubs locally and then when you’re older try for the National Youth Theatre,” he replied.

At the end of his session his parting words were, “Acting is really just playing. The best actors are people your age – so keep playing and keep your imaginations going.” What better homework could you ask for!