Light Fantastic!

Inquiring Minds

“How many seconds does it take for light to travel from the moon to the earth?” asked Neville Davies, one of our Fellows. Lots of hands shot into the air, but no-one got the right answer. No matter. The important thing was that that everyone was giving it a go - exploring the possibilities.

'Lightbulb' Moments

From the moment Mr Davies gave the answer - “one second” - everyone was hooked. There are certain aspects of science which are positively mind-blowing. Light and energy (the project the students are focussed on this term) is one of them.

 Our Fellow

Neville Davies is a scientist and engineer. He’s from Barnstaple originally, but now lives in Oxford where he works for a company developing business and scientific applications of global spectroscopy. Most of his days are spent investigating light, and trying to measure it in different ways.

Hands On Science

Neville brought some of his instruments into the Academy, so after a brief discussion it was very much a hands-on session for the students. Shelly, one of the students said, “It was really interesting - I found out how CDs create a rainbow!.” Miss Powell, the STEM teacher was really pleased at how the session went, “The students got a lot out of it. It was especially good to see how science is used outside the classroom, and how it can lead to a job.”

So huge thanks to Mr Davies for taking the afternoon to expand the minds of our students. When asked how he found the afternoon he said, “I found that they were very good at asking questions and showing that they were really listening.” 

By the way…. light travels at 671 million miles per hour. “Mind boggling” as one of our students put it!