Michelin Starred Students!

On Thursday eleven hungry students went to Michelin starred restaurant 'The Masons Arms' in Knowstone as part of their STEM project; The Truth Behind the Kitchen.


The Route 39 trainee chefs had a talk and a master class from owner and chef Mark Dodson, and assistant.  They learned the techniques and ingredients that go into making a Michelin starred cheesecake, then had the pleasure of eating it.  It certainly takes school lunches to new heights!


"It was an amazing experience. My favourite thing was eating the cheesecake we made. It was great to learn how to make it and I can't wait to teach the class!" - Laura E

Huge thanks to the team at The Masons Arms for inspiring our students and teaching them such a valuable life skill. We're looking forward to some contributions from the trainees to the next cake sale!