Music education with a difference

RSL (GCSE equivalent) students completed their mock examination last week. It is a mock examination like no other; the students have 10 hours to plan for their performance which includes what the concert will look like, sound like, where it will be held and how they will rehearse. Fifteen hours of rehearsal and this is what music should look like.

Previously under the old format when the students were completing tasks for GCSE EDEXCEL they looked stressed and bored as they had to analyse score after score with their practical being covered with their 1:1 teacher only. Now comments such as,“I’ve never looked forward to a mock exam before,”  were being heard as they rehearsed and rehearsed.

They perform to an audience of their choice and put all of their planning and preparation into reality. The students evaluate their performance and the process, considering feedback from the audience. This way they can prepare for on-going rehearsals if the students wish to gig in the future.

Head of music Miss Pentecost says, "I'll never return to GCSE as this is more industry standard and students will be ready to gig when they choose."  The students also gave it their seal of approval with Angus commenting that, "It's Not too stressful if you’re prepared with all of your equipment. I like that there is less pressure to choose specific songs and therefor I have more freedom to play what I wish.”  And Mac enthusing, “It’s been pretty cool, nice and chilled. We’ve been planning and practicing independently but with support available. I would definitely choose RSL over GCSE!” - Mac 

Who knew exams could be this much fun!