Red Carpet Night

What could be better on a Wednesday evening than some fantastic end product videos which students have created in Spanish sprinkled with a dose of red carpet glamour? Well, some sun would have been nice but even the torrential rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the more than sixty students and parents basking in the hard work and creativity of the students. Drake was packed and buzzing as Mr Kelly revealed the top 3 for Stretch and also for Pre-Challenge / Challenge, with each short-listed video being greeted with not only warm applause but genuine appreciation for both the linguistic and technical effort which had been put in. The pride from parents, students and also teachers was clear for all to see.

Winners from Stretch Luca, Jack and Will were joined by Red Kacy and Alanna as the winners of the Pre Challenge and Challenge documentaries.

With huge congratulations to the students whose videos were announced as the prize-winners. In order to view those videos please click HERE