The 'Yes' Sayers!

"You have the power to make a difference," Chris Hines told the students on Friday. Inspired by his words and his achievements as co-founder of Surfers Against Sewage, the students began their own passionate campaign for the permanent school at Steart Farm. In small groups they discussed some of the literature produced by 'No to Route 39 Academy' and looked at arguments for and against.  Intelligent, logical and perceptive, their responses say it all. 

The road will be safe.

'We all come to school by bus, so there won't be lots of cars.'

'Buses will make people drive slower.'

'Buses are much safer at a junction than caravans!' 

'It's everyone's responsibility to drive carefully.'

'Let's talk to the people who live nearby!' 

'Let's design our own road signs!"


This school is needed.

'We wouldn't be here today otherwise!' 

'How can people judge when they have never met us?'

'If you are unsure or against our school then please come and meet us and find out properly!'

The environment will be protected.

'Look at the building design. It fits in perfectly!'

'We will be protecting and actually helping nature.' 

'We will use the environment in our lessons.'

'We can be a role-model school'

'Schools from the towns and cities can come and visit us to learn about the countryside.'



Students Or Strangers? 

'Why is it OK for total strangers to be on the campsite. But it's not OK for the children of this area to be there, enjoying the wildlife and countryside and actually learning from it? That makes no sense at all!'


And a concluding word from an experienced environmental campaigner:

"Our natural world should not be a sterile place. We are of this world too," commented Chris Hines. "Steart Farm is a great place for a school because the children who are educated there will have a sense of its significance. "

We think they already do.

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