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  • Their Route 39 Journey Begins

    The First Strides

    Across North Devon and Cornwall this morning, 65 children set out for their first day at Route 39 Academy. There were smiles, some last minute nerves, but mostly lots of … more

  • One week to go...

    Are you ready? We are.

    The School

    "It looks awesome" said one student. "So light and modern" commented a parent. For more photos please see our updated 'Site and Facilities page'.

    Have you … more

  • Publishing the Community Consultation

    In order to open a new academy, a Funding Agreement has to be signed between government and school. As part of this process, the school is required to run a community consultation which asks the … more

  • Celebrating Teachers

    The school year is drawing to a close. Some children are saying goodbye to class teachers as they move up the school. Others, such as the group of students starting Route 39 Academy in September, … more

  • Putting North Devon on the map

    Following a weekend of support and glowing endorsements from the Secretary of State for Education, we are absolutely delighted at the role Route 39 Academy is playing in placing education in North … more

  • 10 weeks to go...

    Here is our countdown for the next 10 weeks:

    1. New Parents Evening

    Parents and staff meet again this week in Clovelly to finalise the Home-School agreement.

    2. Staff and Student Inductions … more

  • Students, Smiles, and Sunshine

    It was a lovely morning. We were at the school (yes, bricks and mortar - it's really happening!). The sun was shining (yes, it does happen in North Devon!). The view was stunning. And the students … more

  • Funding Agreement Signed!

    "I am very pleased to confirm that the Secretary of State has agreed to enter into a funding agreement with Route 39 Academy Trust. I am very grateful to you and your colleagues for the great … more

  • The Parent Voice

    How parents make a school

    This evening is the first parent and student evening at Route 39. It is a landmark event for the Academy, not simply because it is the first meeting of the school as a … more