Belief 2:
Our background should not determine our success

We believe in a comprehensive education, where all children regardless of their background or ability will reach their potential and expand their horizons.


  • Central to this is access to one-to-one and small group coaching and tuition. This is especially crucial with disadvantaged students, as they are the ones who are least likely to receive this support elsewhere.
  • The extended day enables all students to continue their studies away from any home distractions with equal access to the extended curriculum.
  • We will provide LAC and FSM students with the results and skills to break the cycle of deprivation prevalent in this area.


  • The achievement at GCSE and KS5 for looked after children (LAC) and Free School Meals students (FSM) to be significantly above the local, county and national averages.
  • LAC/FSM students to Progress 8 achievement demonstrates the Academy is within the top 10% of similar students in state schools in England and Wales.

Vision & Ethos: What is special about our Academy

Our Academy is a small, close-knit rural school community, which expands educational choices, increases standards and raises aspirations. It is an Academy where parents, students and staff are deeply committed to encouraging each learner as an individual, to maximise their personal strengths, unlock their potential and promote a lifelong love of learning. We are using innovative teaching practices to make learning inspirational, interesting and relevant to our students. We aim to use this area’s unique rural and coastal environment as much as possible within the curriculum.

Underpinning this vision is an ethos of Engage, Respect and Aspire. This ethos runs through every aspect of the Academy. We aim to produce students who leave highly qualified and best equipped to excel personally, in the workplace and in the community.


As parents, we believe that student engagement is fundamental in raising standards in education and student outcomes.


We want our children to respect themselves, to respect one another and respect the world around them.


The culture of the Academy enables teachers and students to aspire to be the best they can. In order to give our children the best opportunities in life we encourage them to broaden their horizons and enhance their learning skills. We enable them to achieve in their careers and within their communities.