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  • Nature Trail

    One of the extra-curricular clubs available this term is Nature Club. Students take it in turns to lead nature trails and last week it was led by Lilian who focused on plants along a walk down Hobby … more

  • Learning is in Our DNA

    Have you ever wondered what strawberry DNA looks like? Well if you ask Stretch or Pre Challenge they can tell you and how you can find out in the comfort of your own home.

    As part of our, Who& … more

  • Devon Life

    Some of you keen eyed Route 39 supporters may have noticed that we feature in the July 2017 edition of glossy magazine Devon Life.  It's a lovely editorial about the school which focuses on our … more

  • The Crane!

    You may have noticed as you pass by the new building site that there is a rather large crane there now!

    This will be busy over the next six weeks lifting materials and concrete into place. … more

  • Works of Art

    Former US President Barak Obama said that, "The future belongs to young people with an education and the imagination to create."  We wholeheartedly agree with his thinking on this and it is one … more

  • More From Our Builders

    Our specialist construction firm Willmott Dixon have a lovely piece on us on their website, talking about the school and the new facilities which we are so looking forward to enjoying. They are doing … more

  • Making Sound Waves

    The Music Department is always popular with students and parents alike. Because of our Extended Curriculum options and the emphasis we place on learning an instrument, whether it's a violin or a … more

  • From the Ground Floor Up

    The sub-structure blockwork walls have now commenced.  These walls are built off the foundations, with the internal skin designed to support the edge of the ground floor concrete slab, and the … more

  • The Future is Bright

    With exams, choosing of GCSE options, and the final term of the year on the horizon the thoughts of teachers and students naturally turn to the future. We spend a lot of time focusing on what lies … more

  • May Day Music

    Torrington's May Fair has been going for a lot longer than Route 39 Academy-since the Sixteenth century in fact! But that didn't stop some of our musically talented students joining in the local … more