Belief 3:
We respect and listen to each other

Our aims are to create a sense of mutual respect between the whole Academy community. All students will feel that they are valued within the Academy, and that they are listened to and taken seriously.


  • High standards of behaviour are expected and clear boundaries laid down.
  • All staff will lead by example.
  • Regular support from the personal coach will provide an opportunity for students to discuss issues that affect them.
  • Students will learn more and have fewer disciplinary problems because their teachers listen to their views and support them.
  • There will be zero tolerance of bullying.
  • The smaller size of the Academy will support the more personalised approach, and enable students to build stronger relationships with staff and other students and feel a greater sense of responsibility within the Academy.


  • Students coming out of Route 39 Academy will demonstrate a strong sense of respect for themselves, their peers, their teachers and the wider community. They will be ambassadors for this community and inspire future generations of students.
  • 90% of students agree or strongly agree with the statement “I am happy at the Academy” which will be included in a student survey at least once a year.
  • Absence rates will be below 5%.

Vision & Ethos: What is special about our Academy

Our Academy is a small, close-knit rural school community, which expands educational choices, increases standards and raises aspirations. It is an Academy where parents, students and staff are deeply committed to encouraging each learner as an individual, to maximise their personal strengths, unlock their potential and promote a lifelong love of learning. We are using innovative teaching practices to make learning inspirational, interesting and relevant to our students. We aim to use this area’s unique rural and coastal environment as much as possible within the curriculum.

Underpinning this vision is an ethos of Engage, Respect and Aspire. This ethos runs through every aspect of the Academy. We aim to produce students who leave highly qualified and best equipped to excel personally, in the workplace and in the community.


As parents, we believe that student engagement is fundamental in raising standards in education and student outcomes.


We want our children to respect themselves, to respect one another and respect the world around them.


The culture of the Academy enables teachers and students to aspire to be the best they can. In order to give our children the best opportunities in life we encourage them to broaden their horizons and enhance their learning skills. We enable them to achieve in their careers and within their communities.