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  • The Gaga Saga

    The Maths and PE project to design and build a Gaga pit, culminating in a Gaga tournament continued this week as students got to grips with the game and some hardware.

    While the pit is under … more

  • Laying the Foundations

    The building work at Steart Farm is still coming along brilliantly with the new foundations of our school being dug out and filled ready for construction.

    The driveway and the visitor car park … more

  • Safe Online

    Internet safety is a major concern for many parents and we feel that we have a collective responsibilty to help keep our students safe online.  One of our environmental policies is to keep our … more

  • What Could Be Better?

    It was with great delight that on Monday we were able to welcome to the school Peter Christie; teacher, local historian and Torridge District Councillor for Bideford North (Green Party). Mr Fuller … more

  • Athletics Meet

    We take sport seriously at Route 39 and students take part in twice the recommended minimum hours for schools.  As well as the more traditional choices of competitive team and individual sports, … more

  • Going Gaga for Gaga

    The Maths and PE departments have joined forces this week as Pre Challenge students try to decide why an octogan may be the best shape for Gaga.  In session they have been making scale … more

  • Who Do You Think You Are?

    Who do YOU think YOU are? is the STEM project this term.  We are focusing on inheritance and evolution, as well as looking into the minefield of puberty and how variation in species occurs.  … more

  • Riding High

    Just to show that our extended school day needn't mean that our students don't have time to pursue their interests outside school, here's the success story of Imogen.

    Imogen and her pony competed in … more

  • Great Progress at The New Site!

    Principal Kelly and Chair of Governors Richard Bence made a site visit this week and things are coming along beautifully.

    The diggers and trucks are working on the foundations of the school. … more

  • Cell Structure

    It could be said that learning about such important scientific theory as the structure of cells could be a little dry-but not at Route 39! Why learn in a classroom when you can learn outside, and why … more