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  • Fundraising Fun

    We couldn't let another fundraising opportunity pass by so Comic Relief meant a non-uniform day today with extra fun laid on by the students.  

    They paid to nominate a victim to be painted as a … more

  • A Place In The Sun

    Finally a sunny day! Cue a rush to break out all the outdoor sports equipment and a stampede of students keen to have some fun in the sun at breaktime! 

    Suddenly it seems like Easter really … more

  • Timber Girls

      During the First and Second World Wars many women were recruited into helping the war effort on the Home Front as the men were enlisted into the fighting. The Women's Land Army or The Land … more

  • Leaving Clovelly Base Camp

    If you happened to be in Clovelly this week you may have been a bit surprised to see some of our students marching up the hill with straws and goggles!

    This is all part of their project on Everest … more

  • Jumping Into The Deep End!

    On Monday students in Spanish began a design for their own waterpark. The task encouraged students to combine their Spanish knowledge with some Maths to work out budget requirements and some Science … more

  • More Foodie Fun!

    It seems like we think about food a lot at Route 39 and here are Pre-Stretch getting into the spirit of things!

    Cooking is such an important life skill and it's a great way to bring Science and … more

  • Michelin Starred Students!

    On Thursday eleven hungry students went to Michelin starred restaurant 'The Masons Arms' in Knowstone as part of their STEM project; The Truth Behind the Kitchen.


    The Route 39 trainee … more

  • Parents Say 'Hola!' to Parents' Evening!

    How can you support students in a subject you don’t really understand yourself? That was the main focus of our 4th annual Spanish parents' evening last night. The goal was to demonstrate to … more

  • Bringing Books To Life

    Characters from all over the written world made an appearance at school on Thursday. Graphic novels were represented by Harlequin and The Joker, classics Nancy Drew and the Cat in the Hat popped by … more

  • It's Flipping Well Pancake Day!

    Well, we couldn't let Pancake Day go by unnoticed could we and our group of students who are in the process of fundraising for the skatepark that they are developing began their efforts with a … more