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Exam Board: Edexcel GCSE   
Course Leader: Mr Alex Boardman

The aim of this course:
To develop pupils understanding and awareness of all aspects of sport and health. It enables pupils to expand their knowledge of a wide range of health and fitness issues, alongside improving their practical skills in a number of sporting activities. Aspects of the course also enable candidates to develop their leadership and communication skills by developing their officiating and coaching skills.

Course Content:  
  • 30% Practical Sports
  • 10% Written coursework and Analysis of Performance Presentation
  • 60% Written Exam ( 2 exam papers sat at the end of Year 11)

The course covers a wide range of areas including:
Socio-cultural influences, Health, Exercise, Fitness, use of data, physical training, sport psychology, movement analysis and applied anatomy and physiology. The course looks in depth at the effects participation in sporting activities has on these topics.


Each candidate is to be assessed in 3 different activities, in the following areas; individual sport, team sport and one of your choice.

There are a wide range of activities that pupils can be assessed in, from the following areas:
  • Games ( i.e. basketball, rugby, netball, badminton, hockey)
  • Gymnastics (i.e. trampolining, swimming, gymnastics)
  • Dance (i.e. jazz, ballet, contemporary)
  • Athletics (i.e. swimming, athletics, cycling)
  • Outdoor Activities (i.e. canoeing, climbing, skiing, snowboarding)

Controlled Assessment Dates: Practical controlled assessments will be conducted throughout the year in each activity area. Moderation of these activities will take place. The Analysis of Performance talks will be conducted under controlled conditions between January and March of your final year of the course.

Points to consider: you must have an all-round interest in all aspects of sport, and be prepared for both theory and practical lessons. Practical ability accounts for 30% of the course so it helps to be regularly playing competitive sport, but it is not essential.