"The simplist answer to the question 'What does drama teach?' is 'Can you think of something it doesn't!' Drama nurtures spontaneity, imagination, trust, community spirit and self confidence." - Simon Dormandy former director of Drama at Eton.

Learning Habits

At Route 39 Academy, we agree! Wednesday afternoon is Performance afternoon. Until school finishes at 5pm, students are involved in a range of activities covering music, dance and drama.

Their participation helps develop the learning habits which also play such a pivotal role in the classroom. And the results are clear to see. In the first year of Route 39 Academy, students wrote, directed, choreographed and performed two shows for the enjoyment of friends and family.

Drama Fellow

We have been lucky to have had some coaching input from Hollywood actor, BAFTA winner, and Route 39 Fellow, Dominic West (above). Dominic ran some workshops at the Academy. "Meeting a successful, respected actor makes the students' acting ambitions more tangible. He’s been a real inspiration to these students," commented drama teacher, Miss Smart.

Music Tuition

Students are able to opt for musical instrument tuition during the school day. There is a wide choice on offer through the peripetetic teaching company IMS.

Some of the students have formed a school band. Coordinated by our music specialist at the Academy, they have accompanied the shows and performed for the enjoyment of their fellow students.

Summer Production