A Personalised Education

"Relationships between teachers and students at Route 39 Academy are exemplary: they are consistently constructive and support progress in learning and achievement."
Graham Powell, The Learning Organisation
Our central principle is that students can achieve great things if they are known well and are challenged and supported as individuals.
  • This is a smaller than average secondary school, with 100 students per year group.
  • Every student has a trained personal coach who works closely with the student and parents.
  • Every student is given challenging personal targets with clear steps to reach them.
  • Every student is part of a coaching group which meets daily for team building and support.
  • Timetabling ensures staff see a limited number of students per week and so are able to get to know the students well.
  • Lessons are longer allowing students and teachers time to build stronger relationships.
  • Students work in groups according to their level of learning, rather than their age. They are able to progress at a pace right for them.