Double the Sport at Route 39!

Ofsted's guidance states: "In the best secondary schools, core PE of two hours each week is a basic entitlement for all pupils."

At Route 39 Academy we do double this recommendation. Our longer school day means that students are enjoying four hours of PE every week, including football, rugby, netball, ultimate frisbee, cricket and athletics. We use the Clovelly football pitch, facilities at Woolsery and Northam, Tamar Lakes, and the surf of Westward Ho!

Enjoying 4 Hours of PE

Enjoying PE? Many adults look back on their experiences as torturous. Has anything changed? 

"It's all about finding a way in," says Sam Luxa, sports teacher at the Academy. "There are students who are cerebal, rather than physical sports players. So alongside the active stuff, I get them designing new sports, teaching their fellow students the rules, learning about sports leadership."

Mr Luxa's passion for sport is palpable. As an Ultimate Frisbee player for Devon, he loves traditional team games but also believes in offering a range of opportunities. Governor Sara Grimshaw agrees. As a former director of sport at a specialist sports college, she is a forceful advocate for sport at the Academy. "It is our aim that every single student discovers a sport that they will continue to enjoy into adulthood. They can then go on to lead healthy, active lives."

Challenging the Best   

Of course, some students would rather be playing sport all day, every day. These pupils can opt for an additional two and half hours every week of 'Challenge Sport' where their skills are extended and developed even further within a competitive and focused session.

Ground Breaking Innovation

We believe that no subject exists in isolation. The opportunities to link Sport with Science are well-established. But how about Sport and Spanish?

This combination is not just for Lionel Messi followers! Our kinesthetic learners (those students who learn best when carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening or watching) are doing sport lessons in Spanish, with Mr Luxa and Spanish teacher Chris Fuller joining forces for an innovative team-teaching approach. For more on this, click here.

Get Set, Go!

And finally, a message from our students to students throughout the area: "We can make a team. We want to compete. We are ready. Are you?!"

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