School Site

The school will be situated on the A39 in the Bucks Cross area.

Location of the Route 39 Academy

The Education Funding Agency are currently in discussions with the owners of four preferred sites as well as Torridge planning department.  When negotiations are finalised, we will be able to announce the final school site.


The video clip above shows how the interior of our school might look. The school will be a new build of 5,950sqm, with a site large enough to accommodate sports facilities, workshop spaces and land-based learning. Our plan is for learning spaces which are flexible and adaptable, supported by innovative technology:

  • For quiet, independent study.
  • For lectures and school gatherings
  • For workshops and group discussion
  • For specialist classes and equipment

The Route 39 Academy buildings are scheduled to be completed in 2014. Therefore, like many other free schools, temporary school buildings will be used for the first year group in 2013.  These will not be the portacabins we remember from our school days, but comfortable and well equipped buildings to ensure the full curriculum is delivered effectively and the students have a very positive and undisrupted Year 7 experience. The location of the temporary buildings will either be on the main school site or on a site nearby.

Temporary building outside

Inside temporary acommodation


Devon Local Authority has committed to providing free transport to all students living more than 3 miles from the school for whom Route 39 Academy is the nearest school.  Students eligible for free school meals will get free transport if they live between 2 and 6 miles away, and Route 39 Academy is one of their three nearest schools.

However, we want to facilitate and enable the widest population of students to be able to access our school.  Once the admissions process has been finalised, and we know final numbers and locations of students we will work with parents, the Local Authority, public bus companies and other education providers to investigate practical and affordable transport solutions.