Spanish GCSE


Exam Board: AQA        Course Leader: Mr Chris Fuller

Successful learner profile:

  • Enjoys finding out about and discussing other cultures.
  • Capable of explaining opinions to other people and discussing points of view.
  • Good at working out patterns and taking risks

Why study Spanish?:

  • In order to open up greater opportunities for yourself to travel during a year out, to work abroad or for international companies.
  • It will add an international dimension to your GCSE subjects, which is something many future employers and Higher Education providers look at favourably.
  • A Language is an integral part of achieving the English Baccalaureate.

How will you be assessed?

  • 4 end of course exams (you must take the same level for each element)
    • Listening (25% of total) - Foundation = 35 minutes, Higher = 45 minutes
    • Speaking (25% of total) - Foundation = 7 - 9 minutes, Higher = 10 - 12 minutes
      • Role-play (15 marks), photo-card description (15 marks), general conversation (30 marks)
    • Reading (25% of total) - Foundation = 45 minutes, Higher = 60 minutes
    • Writing (25% of total) - Foundation = 1 hour, Higher = 1 hour 15 minutes)

What will you study?

  • How to use Spanish for practical communication in a variety of everyday situations.
  • Spanish grammar, including how to form and use different tenses.
  • Various aspects of the Hispanic culture across the world.
    • Identity and culture (including relationships, technology in everyday life, free time and traditions)
    • Social and global issues across the Hispanic world (including attitudes to health and the environment)
    • Schooling and work opportunities at home and abroad.

What can you use it for?:

  • Be able to study AS and A2 Spanish.
  • Add an extra dimension to your personal skills profile which will impress anyone who reads your CV- some universities now require a language GCSE in order to study any of their degree courses.
  • Work or travel across the Hispanic world