Meet Our Teaching Team

"The staff at Route 39 have an amazing ability to harness the pupils' enthusiasm and direct it in a really positive way. School days are now seen as exciting and not to be missed." Mrs Cullen, Parent

Jordan Kelly: Principal BSc (Hons) Marine Biology, MA Educational Leadership and Innovation.

"It’s great to be returning to an area I grew up in, and to be part of a school that has such a modern outlook and an innovative educational philosophy. It really is a massive opportunity for the students and staff alike. I particularly like the way students are encouraged to think for themselves and their positive approach to challenges. They don’t give up easily – and that’s rare and special."

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Jo Smith: Maths & Director of Assessment, Data and Tracking BSc Maths and Statistics, PGCE Secondary Maths

"I'm really passionate about maths and strongly believe that it shouldn't be taught as a dry subject, it should be alive and creative ... I was particularly attracted to Route 39 Academy because of how the school approaches learning - they have obviously thought a lot about how students learn and are putting it into practice. As a result, the students are keen, speak up and give their opinions."

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Satvinder Singh: Maths and STEM M.Sc.Maths, B.Sc.Physics, Chemistry and Maths, B.Ed 

"I have more than 11 years experience of teaching maths to high school students internationally, covering A-levels and iGCSEs. I believe that Mathematics is a language - so let's learn to speak it fluently!"

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Chris Fuller: Modern Languages & Director of Curriculum BA (Hons) Spanish and French, PGCE Secondary Modern Foreign Languages.

"I've spent the last few years working with schools, publishers and advisory agencies both in England and Spain, focusing on the topic of creativity and innovation in language teaching. Joining the team at Route 39 Academy feels like a really exciting challenge, giving me the opportunity to mould a dynamic and modern languages department right here on my own doorstep in north Devon."

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Luke Webb: Modern Languages BSc Sports Psychology, PGCE Foreign Languages

"I am really attracted by the linked curriculum - for instance mixing Spanish and PE, and Science with Maths and Engineering. It really makes sense and gets students engaged and enthusiastic. After all, in the real world you don't come across anything in isolation - everything has context."

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Caroline Smart: Lead Teacher English and Humanities BA Hons English and American Literature, PSCE Secondary English

"This is a really exciting new school. Project-based learning makes sense to me. Young people often struggle to see how skills and knowledge can be transferred between subjects. At Route 39 we link subjects and plan the curriculum as a team. There is a great atmosphere, with staff, students and parents all fully involved."

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Dani Briggs: English and Humanities, Lead Practitioner Literacy and Oracy B.Ed Health and Physical Education, Studies of Society and Environment

"I'm thrilled to become a part of this impressive new school, which focuses on building strong relationships with students and its community, while educating in exciting and innovative ways. My previous experience teaching in Outback Australia was challenging and greatly rewarding and I suspect Route 39 Academy will be just the same."

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Sam Sansom: Director of Specialist Provision BA Hons. Politics & Philosophy, PGCE Primary Education

"I was struck straightaway by the general levels of happiness at the school ... If young people feel safe and confident, then academic achievement is far more likely to take place."

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Natasha Reeves: Lead PE and Director of Behaviour for Learning BA (Hons) Sport and Human Movement Studies, MA RAICS (Raising Achievement in City Schools)

"I am immediately struck by the sense of community and the enthusiasm for learning ... the academy's particular approach to education has created real opportunities for students to develop in confidence and as individuals."

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Alex Boardman: Physical Education and Lead Practitioner IAG  BA (Hons) Sports Studies and Physical Education, GTP Physical Education.

"Because of the way the learning is organised at Route 39 Academy you really get to know the students inside out ... this really helps to build bridges and aids the learning process immensely."

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Catherine Clawley: Lead Teacher STEM BSc Hon. Biology and Ancient History, PGCE Secondary Science

"I find the project planning very interesting and exciting - especially with such a supportive staff team. Each project has the potential to bring out something different in every student. It's great to be allowed this creativity as a teacher."

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Callum Johnson: STEM BSc Hons Astrophysics, PGCE Secondary Science

"It has really struck me that Route 39 Academy is focused on building up skills in all areas, and developing all-round students. For instance, we encourage students to think for themselves, and to be curious and reflective. After all, teachers are a guide: we don’t carve the path, we just show students how to walk it." 

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Keri-Anne Pentecost: Music BA Hons Music Jazz, PGCE Secondary Music

"I find the concept of 'Learning Habits' inspirational and am already using new techniques to encourage students to think, connect and discuss their work. It makes a lot of sense. I'm looking forward to working with the students to develop and grow music within the school."

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Laura James: Maths and THRIVE Specialist BA Hons Philosophy with Psychology, Diploma in Maths, BSC Hons Maths (pending), PGCE Secondary Maths

"At Route 39 Academy we are building up solid foundations, whilst adapting the learning to suit the individual. Lower ability students can focus on the skills and knowledge they will use and need. The higher ability students can progress quickly without endless repetition. I love the challenge and the team effort!"

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Emily Atkinson: Literacy Learning Coach BA English Literature with Creative Writing

"The energy at Route 39 Academy is contagious; I am motivated daily by the innovation and creativity of both staff and students. I strongly admire the student-centred approach of the curriculum and the small class sizes are perfect for class focus and student wellbeing."

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Supporting our staff

A variety of experts are supporting the staff at Route 39 Academy. Chris Wakefield of High Tech High in the USA and Graham Powell from The Learning Organisation are assisting with training. Teachers at South Dartmoor Community College are also collaborating with Route 39 staff.