Uniform Ready to Order!

The uniform is available from Samuel Daw & Co in Barnstaple. It can be ordered from the shop or on-line. Please click here to access their website.

Certain items can be purchased from other stores - the white shirt, navy v-neck jumper and navy trousers/skirt. However, they must conform to the uniform standards set out in our Ready to Learn information sheet.

Why a Formal Uniform?

"The uniform at Route 39 Academy is a symbol of our students’ aspirations and will reflect their pride and commitment to being a member of the Route 39 Academy community. It will also be a visible sign of their readiness to learn." Principal Joss Hayes.

At our first Open Day in October 2012, we asked parents and students to vote for either a smart and business-like, or more casual uniform. The results were overwhemingly in favour of a formal uniform, including blazer and tie.

We then organised a competition for local children to design the school's logo. This was won by Allie Street, an 11 year-old student from Stratton. Her design of an acorn was developed into the symbol which will decorate every blazer and fleece. ‘It shows you are a member of the school, but still an individual’ she commented.

Samuel Daw & Co - Uniform Supplier

Our uniform can be purchased online or via the Samuel Daw & Co Barnstaple shop. It will then be delivered to your home or can be collected from the store free of charge. 

Uniform Items

The following uniform items are required:

  • Route 39 Academy blazer

  • White shirt, with collar and sleeves

  • Route 39 Academy tie

  • Formal, plain navy trousers or formal navy knee length skirt

  • Plain black shoes with low heel 

  • Plain navy or grey socks.  Navy tights for girls wearing skirts

  • Smart navy shorts in hot weather

  • Waterproof outdoor coat big enough to wear over the blazer

      Indoor Sports Kit

  • Girls or boys polo shirt (navy and sky blue)
  • Navy shorts for boys.  Navy shorts or skorts for girls

      Outdoor Sports Kit

  • Unisex rugby shirt (navy and sky blue)
  • Girls or boys navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Blue socks
  • Navy fleece
  • Trainers

 Optional Items

  • Plain navy V-neck jumper

  • White baselayer top
  • Navy rain jacket